Why Anatics for Hospitality?

SolutionWhy Anatics for Hospitality?

April 7, 2022

At its core, Anatics is perfect for the hospitality industry. Why? Because Anatics pulls all of your data – spend, performance, sales, customer service, loyalty programs, affiliate data, everything – into a single hub where you get trusted reporting and analytics. There’s often difficulty getting various data management systems to work in harmony with hospitality to get the business insights and analytics you need to make decisions.


With Anatics, you can have all of your different systems feeding into one platform with remarkable flexibility in reporting and analysis capabilities. You can easily track metrics across the customer journey, with early warnings of performance dips that allow you to act proactively before they can hit further downstream.

What does data management do for hospitality?

With the right data management platform and relevant analytics, you gain a deeper, more appropriate understanding of your customers’ behaviour. With that in mind, you can then target the right people with the correct offers at the right time, provide a better customer experience, and reduce your costs without needing to compromise on quality.


There’s so much data generated every day in the hospitality industry that it’s impossible to process without a data management system. Your data management system might be extracting data from various websites, social media platforms, financial institutions, and other businesses while also integrating with third-party software. You need to consider a data management system that can do all of that while also providing the business insights and analytics you need to make data-driven decisions.


Since Anatics can integrate with your systems at all stages of the customer journey, it can give you insights into where you currently stand, forecast where you’re going, and guide where improvement is needed.


Leveraging data management to increase revenue

There are various ways to use data management software and its tools to improve your business. From optimizing occupancy rates to targeted marketing and customer outreach, all the information and data you need is right at your fingertips. With no need to manually wrangle or retrieve data, Anatics can seamlessly integrate all of your data into one intuitive, customizable dashboard.


With a centralized data management platform like Anatics, you can more efficiently roll out targeted marketing campaigns. Given that you have data that stretches across the customer journey, it’s essential to have that all in one place to better target offers and campaigns to the right customer at the right time with relevant recommendations.


The data you gather on your customers can vary, from their travel destinations to their residence, spending habits, book history, online feedback, and favoured restaurants. By directing all of this information and data into one platform, you can better form customer segments based on, for example, their lifetime value or dozens of other categories.


Additionally, by having access to your CRM, Anatics can provide the data you need to design personalized deals and offers for your customer base. Your CRM gathers valuable data and can be integrated into Anatics to give you a better, fuller picture of how your marketing spend impacts the customer experience and journey.


How can Anatics help manage hospitality data?

Anatics collects your data from various sources across the customer journey – from your PMS to your CRM. Additionally, it integrates with various external, third-party sources to gather further data that you might need, such as from review websites and social media platforms.


But Anatics does more than aggregate all of your data into one platform. It filters, normalizes, transforms, and visualizes your data for you. There’s no need for manual data wrangling or inputting; Anatics is fully automated. You can customize your dashboard with various tools and metrics, including an extensive visualization library, to give you the visuals you need to analyze your data and make decisions confidently.


It might be time to pull the trigger that will help centralize all your data so you can make the data-driven decisions you need for your business. Anatics can help. To schedule a free demo, visit us at anatics.com.

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