Data Management for eCommerce & Retail

eCommerce & Retail

Customer Data Management for Online Retailers

Manage Marketing and Customer Data; Unlock Insights on Customer Demand to Drive Growth

Because you have sales data, every other marketer envies you, the retail marketer. They believe it should be simple to link your marketing activity to business outcomes. Oh, how they are mistaken.


You’re dealing with so much data that you can’t see the forest for the trees. You have hundreds of stores, regions, and markets in your marketing mix, as well as a large number of SKUs that change seasonally, tremendous volumes of loyalty-card and transaction-level data, and every channel under the sun. In a cluster of databases, you’ve got millions of rows but nothing to show for it. Your information remains under-utilized with unrealized potential for corporate growth. 

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Data Transformation for eCommerce & Retail

Integrate data from
any shopping channel and eCommerce medium

Easily assess,
optimize and
transform data

Feed data and make it available

across the organization using

self-serve reporting tools.

Why Anatics for eCommerce and Retail?

Anatics automatically ingests all your marketing spend and performance data, including sales data so you can forecast beyond the top of your marketing funnel.


We partner with your agencies to automatically flow agency spend and performance data into Anatics for transparent, integrated analysis and reporting.


Normalized data powers benchmarking—brand-to-brand, region-to-region, campaign-to-campaign—so you can quickly see what’s working best and double down.


No more waiting for performance reports. Grant your team self-serve access to the clean, trusted dataset so they can track and optimize performance in real time.


See how you’re tracking across the customer journey at a glance and get early warnings of dips in performance so you can act before problems hit downstream.


Use our next-level marketing dashboards to bring together data, images, rich media and the voice of the customer in a powerful story of marketing performance.


Real-time scorecards and dashboards let you instantly compare the performance of different products, regions, agencies, campaigns—everything—for better spend decisions.


Get your teams and agencies all working on the same page with analysis templates and view-only reports that reinforce goals and KPIs consistently and transparently.


Export to Excel or use Anatics destinations to share your clean, structured data across the organization and your mix of analytics tools.


eCommerce and retails centric best-practice reports built in for quick, insightful analysis. Or use the flexible and automated reporting tools to create your own scorecards and dashboards. 

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More of Anatics for Retail and eCommerce –

Antics is a powerful ETL tool that gathers data from any underlying data source, lets you clean and transform it meaningfully before feeding it into a single, centralized final destination.

With facilities for multiple integrations, scope for optimization for different key stages, and advanced intelligence features, your e-commerce marketing team can pull useful marketing data; fetch them in complete granularity to unlock actionable insights for making better e-commerce business decisions.

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