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Stability, durability, and long-term partnerships are important to banks, credit unions, insurance businesses, and brokerage firms. However, these qualities aren’t always conducive to the speed, innovation, and quick development that financial services’ razor-thin margins need.


As a marketing leader in financial services, you operate your team on the why in marketing, all while focusing on the most important task at hand: providing outstanding marketing and strong sales across many lines of business. You also assist your marketing operations, analytics, and data teams in overcoming home-grown, legacy systems from previous years, as well as interacting with IT teams who are properly focused on regulations, security, and compliance. Marketing and performance tracking at a financial institution is kind of heroic work! 

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Why Anatics for the Financial Services Industry?

Anatics ingests all your spend and performance data—including sales and offline data from branches and call centers—into a clean, trusted data hub that powers analysis and reporting. 


Anatics is designed with security and scalability top-of-mind, and integrates easily with homegrown and legacy systems. 


We partner with your marketing agencies to automatically flow agency spend and performance data into Anatics for transparent, integrated analysis and reporting. 


Normalized data powers benchmarking—brand-to-brand, region-to-region, campaign-to-campaign—so you can quickly see what’s working best and double down. 


Marketing best-practice reports built right in for quick, insightful analysis. Or, use the flexible reporting platform to build your own scorecards and dashboards. 


Get your teams and agencies all working on the same page with analysis templates and view-only reports that reinforce goals and KPIs consistently and transparently. 


See how you’re tracking across the customer journey at a glance, and get early warnings of dips in performance so you can take action before problems hit downstream. 


Use our next-level marketing dashboards to bring together data, images, rich media and the voice of the customer in a powerful story of marketing performance. 


Anatics is your trusted partner every step of the way, with long financial services experience and a deep understanding of industry data sources and diagnostics for performance. 

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More of Anatics for Financial Services –

The beginner-friendly visualization tool allows you to integrate data from any source. Then asses, clean and optimize it according to your demands and finally allows you to feed it anywhere you need.


Benefit from a fully automated no code data a pipeline solution that supports multiple native integrations, designed for multiple users and built to scale. Perform any data tasks with high responsiveness and lightning speed without having to worry about latency.


Summed up, Anatics helps you find new ways to increase revenue and enhance your marketing efficiencies, understand data in a way that it unlocks value for both existing and future advertising campaigns.

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