Self-Serve Data Management
for Every Stakeholder

An easy-to-use platform designed to empower marketing teams with full control of their data and ROMI.

An essential part of marketing analysis is ROMI (return on marketing investment). Data-driven marketing teams that optimise ROMI-based campaigns are proven to achieve better results. Start with anatics, to transform and enrich your data, from advertising platforms to analytical systems to your CRM.

Digital Marketer

Anatics empowers marketers, including non-technical users, to swiftly crunch any amount of data and generate meaningful value from it, regardless of the nature of the campaign – search engine optimization, social media optimization, paid ads, content marketing.

Data Analyst

Eliminate the need for manual data collection and processing tasks while driving accuracy, transparency, and productivity into the process.


Anatics centralizes all of your marketing spend, ad spend, and performance data, regardless of where it’s stored, what channel it came from, or what format it was in. The data is then cleaned, merged, and aligned to support omni-channel insight and decision-making.

Martech / Data Manager

Anatics takes the guesswork out of data management and simplifies the transformation process, allowing you to discover new and useful information.

Do more with data every day.

Try Anatics for advanced data transformation tasks.