Campaign & ROMI Performance Reporting

Campaign &
ROMI Performance

What Your Marketing Team Does Matters.

It’s Time to Show It

Attribution tracking in marketing is far from straightforward. To aggregate marketing measures, align metrics across the customer journey, set up in-depth analysis reporting and share them is certainly involving, to say the least. The CEO is looking for a specific story on marketing contributions. Brand managers and campaign managers need to be able to express themselves. And last but not least, your CFO is mainly interested in your ROMI performance.

Furthermore, figuring out who should see what marketing reports, how and when to share them, has never been a satisfying experience. The CEO wants one topline view, the CMO another. Brand managers and campaign managers need actionable views. Single-channel managers need even more concentrated and granular reports. And last but not least, your CFO is only interested in your ROMI performance. No matter what view or report you provide somebody, they’ll immediately ask if you can just slice it in a slightly different way.

With anatics, creating, publishing and managing dashboards and reports for different audiences is easy. All reports stem from the same source of marketing truth, but everybody tells their own story on ROMI.

Out of the Box Marketing
Performance Management

Need a head start designing compelling marketing analytics reports and scorecards?

Anatics includes preconfigured analytics reporting tools and scorecards based on marketing best practices. Use them right out of the box to get started, or customize your own creations. Anatics data reporting tools include measures, metrics, drill-down dimensions data and more. Anatics reporting tools help map KPIs directly to your strategic objectives, showcasing marketing performance with unprecedented clarity.

Democratize Data
Analysis and
Performance Reporting

To be more agile, the extended marketing team needs data and insights fast, so they can act on them. Democratizing the data can be great, but centralized controls, administration and group alignment are essential.

Anatics’ centralized Report Types and KPI library clearly defines each metric and enforces contextual insights and consistent use across the extended team. Tools such as Data Explorer enables validation of your data and ensures your data in Anatics is right and true. Data Reports and Charts can be shared freely while fully controlling what individual recipients are allowed to see and edit. Additionally, you can share and collaborate your analysis by annotating and commenting directly on your charts and dashboards, or simply export your reports via PDF for email sharing.

Don’t Reinvent the
Reporting Wheel

Why rethink your marketing reports every time you begin a new analysis? Anatics lets you create your favorite reports, duplicate a customizable copy, and get the perfect head start. You can also setup your dashboard as a global reporting template by adding your favorite charts and widgets from across multiple reports in your Data Analysis tool. Apply filters at the top that narrow down your scope to all charts and graphs.

Do more with data every day.

Try Anatics for advanced data transformation tasks.