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To bring in new visitors and convert current guests into loyal customers, you use a disconcerting number of channels, starting with email, display, video, search, in-app, affiliates, and more. You’re in charge of programmatic campaigns that run in real time. You naturally join in on guests’ social media interactions. When online travel agencies (OTAs) provide your customers a variety of options, you must compete to secure the booking and retain control of the relationship. 

To summarize, you’re expected to optimize your omni-channel marketing while also having a deep grasp of the increasingly fragmented customer experience, so you can deliver the correct message at the right time while getting the most bang for your marketing spend. 

Why Anatics for the Hospitality Industry?

Anatics pulls ALL your data—spend, performance, sales, customer service, loyalty programs, affiliate data, everything—into a single hub for trusted reporting and analysis. 


Get your teams and agencies all working on the same page with analysis templates and view-only reports that reinforce goals and KPIs consistently and transparently. 


See how you’re tracking across the customer journey and get early warnings of dips in performance so you can act before problems hit downstream. 


Use our next-level marketing reporting tools to bring together data, creative assets and the voice of your customers in a powerful story of marketing performance. 


We partner with your agencies to automatically flow agency spend and performance data into Anatics for transparent, integrated analysis and reporting. 


Normalized data powers benchmarking—brand-to-brand, region-to-region, campaign-to-campaign—so you can quickly see what’s working best and double down. 


Anatics is an intuitive, fast and flexible marketing data management platform with reporting tools that make it easy to provide tailored insights and reporting to the CMO, regional/division heads, and others on your extended team. 


Anatics is a trusted partner every step of the way, with long hospitality services experience and a deep understanding of industry data sources and diagnostics for performance. 

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