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Advanced data transformation – normalize and enrich your data with dynamic, workflow based data mapping tools.

Data mapping is crucial to the success of many data processes. You must accurately prepare and shape data to move and consolidate data for analysis. However, if you’re analyzing marketing data from various sources, you might discover that the same data type and/or string is known by different names depending on the platform. Comparing data across channels is extremely difficult and complicated in this case. With anatics, you can customize dimensions and metrics to answer your questions, across all your marketing channels so that they are compatible and ready to be analyzed quickly in one report. Furthermore, using anatic’s pre-built Score Cards, you can generate the most common business reports based on best marketing practices in a matter of minutes.

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Custom metrics with formulas

Create custom metrics that typical marketing channels don’t automatically track. With an intuitive and self-serve interface, you can normalize, aggregate, and construct your marketing data without writing a single line of code. Additionally, you can easily create a dataset using simple or complex formulas, as well as a conditional data mapping logic. anatics enables you to select the data that matter to you and build an analysis model that aligns with your marketing goals.

Custom dimensions rules

You can set and manipulate the rule results of dimensions in a number of ways. Using custom dimensions is an excellent way to segment data into meaningful groups. You can sort data from a single or multiple sources into a dataset that values to your marketing efforts. After you create custom dimensions, you can use and store them in your reports just like regular dimensions.

Instant insights into performance

You can acquire analysis-ready data right away after you set up and sync your data on anatics. Getting your data up and running is a breeze, so you can focus on delivering actional insights instead of struggling with the data infrastructure. anatics allows marketers to present performance against goals, similar campaigns, business objectives and more. Analysts can give recommendations without ambiguity. Stakeholders can finally understand the reason why certain campaigns and channels deliver better results so they can dive deeper into the strategic framework.

Agile decision-making process

anatics brings transparency and control to your data management and operation in one place. From extracting data to measuring ROMI, anatics provides a comprehensive view of what is working across all channels and stages of the customer journey. Furthermore, you can create, share and distribute your reports among your marketing team, avoiding miscommunication and operational delays. anatics allows you to manage permissions flexibly to restrict who has access to data and who can alter it, all the way down to the data source. In other words, your entire team can collaborate across all data and marketing workflow.

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