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Advertise, Measure, Optimize and Grow.
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The best way to obtain the best return on your investment is to optimize your efforts on the fly, shifting cash from low-performing to high-performing methods. You can’t know which channels, messages, or content are performing well until you have a real-time, completely integrated feedback loop. Right away, your team requires visibility into what’s working across the board.


Anatics provides you with that all-encompassing view. Instantly see how campaigns are doing across channels and which ones are the most effective. Optimize as often as you’d want, depending on reliable facts. Run automated assessments to look for new changes on a regular basis.


Anatics provides all the information and insight you need to make the most of your marketing dollars.

Simple, Dynamic Data Mapping Tools
– No more Cut & Paste

Any well-planned advertising campaign is carried out across hundreds of tools that tag, traffic, and label data differently. The campaign is usually over by the time you can cut and paste a performance report together.

All ad-based campaign data is funnelled into a single hub using Anatics, where campaign names and attributes are automatically normalized and consistent. For teams that have a more specific form of structuring their data, Anatics data mapping tools allow for endless flexibility and creativity in how you can form and aggregate your data to best support your process.

Continuous Perspective
on Performance

Typical marketing dashboards simply lists a collection of stand-alone indicators provides no context. Are we pleased with the CPA of that programmatic purchase? Are the channels interfering with one another?


Anatics’ campaign performance reporting gives you a rich analytics perspective. Automated funnels and scorecards provide you with in-depth performance analysis out of the box. Compare the results of a campaign to a plan or a goal. Toggle a drop-down to view trends over time or compared to a previous period. It’s all right there at your fingers.

Automated Tracking and
Visibility into the Customer Journey

Awareness is usually a key part of campaigns, and we have to report on it. We can’t, however, end there. Is the content resonating with the audience? Are we causing unintended consequences? Are customers spreading the word?


Customer journey scorecard tracking is embedded straight into Anatics, allowing you to see campaign performance at all stages of the buyer’s journey, customized to your company. No more waiting until the end of the campaign to see which regions didn’t perform well—you can now track performance across the entire campaign in Anatics from the beginning.

The Entire Campaign
Performance Story

Anatics presents advertising performance analytics across your entire campaign, along with its respective creative assets, images, video, and the voice of the customer as you pipe your data from social media and other paid-media accounts. Plus, your team can add executive summaries, key takeaways, lessons learned and action items. You can even incorporate competitive data for powerful framing and context.

Agile Marketing Performance
Management Strategy

When you’re optimizing your campaigns, it is critical to keep your entire team informed about campaign results and action plans.


Anatics reporting tools may be set up before a campaign goes live, allowing everyone to start measuring and optimizing from the moment you begin extracting your data. Share performance reports with the people and teams you want and encourages them to collaborate in the dashboards. Put agency partners and in-house teams on the same page. When it comes time to design your next campaign, check back at your previous campaign dashboards in Anatics to see which publishers performed best and which messaging resulted in the most coupon redemptions. Which creative had the highest view-through percentage, and so on.

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