ETL and Data Management
Solution for SMEs

Automated Data Integration and Democratize Marketing Analytics

Integrate and democratize marketing data across your organization

Whether your are marketing leadership, or a concerned CFO, you will have transparency and insights into returns on marketing spend data and it’s impact on revenue growth. The marketing team can see performance by channel, brand, product, geolocation, campaign, audience segmentation and more. Your financial analyst will find the exact dollars returned on every one dollar spent.

Marketing Agencies
Leading agencies use anaticsTM data management and reporting platform to better assess and optimize marketing campaigns across channels.
Technology & Software
All of your data—spend, performance, sales, customer service, loyalty programs, affiliate data, and everything else—is pulled into a single hub for reliable reporting and analysis by anaticsTM.
Fintech & Banking
All of your expenditure and performance data, including sales and offline data from branches and call centers, is ingested by anaticsTM and stored in a clean, trusted data hub that supports analysis and reporting.
eCommerce & Retail
Use our next-generation marketing dashboards to combine data, images, rich media, and consumer feedback to tell a compelling story about marketing performance.
Travel & Hospitality
anaticsTM is a reliable partner throughout the process, with extensive experience in the hospitality business and a thorough understanding of industry data sources and performance diagnostics.

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