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Martech & Data Operations

Trusted data as the foundation
of your marketing strategy

As a Marketing Manager, you provide the executive team with timely, insightful, cross-channel dashboards and reporting. You also make it look simple, but we know it is not so.


You keep the systems up to date so they can communicate with one another. You evaluate and incorporate new tools and technology into the team’s workflow. To develop a robust basis for multichannel reporting and trustworthy insights, you plumb, manage and combine marketing data—often by hand. 


And then, just when you think you’ve got everything in order, some tool or another changes the format of its weekly report, and you have to start over. 

There’s a better way to do things. Meet Beckon, a marketing data management platform designed specifically for chaotic data sources. 

Connect Your Martech Stack

Anatics connects to every tool and platform in your martech stack, onboarding data automatically via API or our Universal Connector. And because our data model is marketing-specific, with thousands of marketing metrics already mapped out, you’re up and running in days, not months. 

Robust Data Integrity
and Administration

Solid data is the foundation for marketing insights. We start with a global marketing taxonomy (which we can help you create if you don’t currently have one). Anatics then uses that taxonomy to standardize and enrich your data. You also get data completeness reports, quality assurance, and workflow—if your data has holes or inconsistencies, Anatics identifies them and automatically reminds data owners to bring in what’s missing. 

Powerful, Consistent
Reporting for Everyone

Anatics makes it easy to get everyone on the same page, working off the same trusted data. Start with our dashboards and scorecards based on marketing best practices or build your own. Then, distribute them as view-only reports with scope filters—you get consistency in how the team measures performance, and the team gets the flexibility to change scope and dig deeper. And with real-time data flowing into Anatics, you’ll never miss another reporting deadline. 

Expand with Your
Martech Stack and Ecosystem

We know your marketing technology stack will expand and evolve. Anatics flexible data model and ability to connect with any source solves for all the data you have today, and in the future. Anatics is a platform for data innovation—next time your team tries out the latest marketing tool, simply authenticate and connect it in Anatics. 

Enterprise-Grade Data
Permission and Access Controls

Anatics is an enterprise-grade, customizable ETL platform for your business. It offers multiple data connection account to co-exist simultaneously, supporting various permission dictated at the data source. Furthermore, flexible permissions allow you to restrict who has access to data and who can alter it, all the way down to data source. 

Data Interoperability
and Complete Portability

Data can be easily extracted from Anatics and used to feed various visualization/analysis tools, power econometric models, do cross-functional reporting, or populate an enterprise data warehouse. You can export any segment of your data (or all of it) as a .xls or.csv file. Or use the Anatics Destinations to send it out to your private data warehouse, or other analytics systems such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, and much more. 

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