How leading brands master their marketing
data and analytics in all its complexity?

As a leader focused on driving demand, revenue, and profitability you assume responsibility for the complete customer journey. You continually push your teams to experiment and innovate. Even when budgets are flat, you generate growth by figuring out how to maximize the impact of every marketing dollar.

And for that, you have the right to marketing data that works. Data that is integrated, aligned, analysis-ready and available. Fast data allows you to stay ahead of the competition and well-aligned with demand. Data that is consistent and dependable, providing you with the trusted insights you need to drive revenue. Data that drives confidence in your marketing programs.

Anatics is the start of all that marketing does and the destination for everything that marketing achieves –

Your Data Unified as a Strategic Asset

Anatics gathers all your marketing spend, ad expenditure and performance data into a single hub, regardless of where it resides, what channel it originated from, or what format it was in. The data is then cleaned, merged, and aligned to support omni-channel insight and decision-making. 

Align Marketing Resources
with Measurable Success

Define your measures and metrics with anatics – set clear goals and watch your team sprint toward them with confidence, creativity, and the clean, reliable data they need to make informed decisions. anatics’ common KPI (metrics and drilldown dimensions) library and standardized report formats help everyone stay on track with the most important indicators. 

Learn What’s Performing or Not With
Out-of-Box Scorecards and Automated Funnels

Custom and/or standard KPIs are directly linked to strategic frameworks in anatics’ automated marketing funnels, analytics reports and scorecards allowing you to see performance against targets, similar campaigns, company objectives, and more t a glance. Anatics scorecards also serve as an early warning system: you’ll see faults in your marketing performance right away, and you’ll be able to address them before further incurring inefficient marketing spend or causing further concerns down the line. 

Clear Insight Into Agency
and Third-Party Performance

Your agencies are subject to the same standard of transparency and consistency reporting as your internal teams. Anatics integrates all of your agency spend and their performance data. You’ll be able to track agency performance in near real-time and adjust your spending accordingly. Plus, as a bonus, you get to keep all your vital data in-house. 

Your Marketing Success
at the Strategy Table

Detailed marketing measures, performance metrics and revenue attribution details are critical to every strategic decision. Anatics provides you with just that. Our marketing scorecards and automated reporting tools connect marketing expenditure and performance to business results, allowing you to clearly convey marketing’s impact on revenue and strategy. 

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