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The Inevitable Democratization of Marketing Data
Management via Self-Serve Data Extraction & Analysis

Brand leaders often have a respected marketing analytics team that gathers data and conducts impact assessments. These companies are rapidly expanding. Nonetheless, demand for ubiquitous analytics is stacking up. A few-weeks delay between query and response isn’t just inconvenient for marketers; it also stymies a company’s efforts to develop a more agile, data-driven marketing culture.


The best method to scale marketing analytics is to delegate the heavy lifting to the experts while providing self-serve access to data and insights to the rest of the marketing team, allowing them to ask questions, find answers, and take action all on their own.  

The Marketing Data Challenge

At first glance, marketing analytics should be able to deliver on its promises of impact visibility and revenue attribution. However, marketing data is a mess – it is growing ubiquitously. Unfortunately, such growth is fueled by evergreen investment in marketing technology and not by a set of coherent marketing goals.


Furthermore, when a select few people access data, everything works out because those people are familiar with the rules, exceptions, and transformations needed to make data accessible. Ignoring these unavoidable rules and exceptions aids in making poor judgments at scale.


Anatics assists you in creating a marketing taxonomy and data structures before transforming and normalizing spend and performance data as it enters the platform. Only then can you be sure that everyone on your extended marketing team is working with the same, clean data.

Designed, Built and Tested
by Marketers

Sales software is used in the sales department. Finance is aided by software. HR makes use of HR software. Why do we expect marketers to use software that was built for IT or analysts? Why should marketers have to learn to write SQL queries, use SPSS, or figure out Tableau Server Edition?


Anatics is designed and built with marketers in mind. Using Anatics’ intuitive, user-friendly UI, your marketing team can easily access data and insights regardless of their experience. With Anatics, your team can answer questions such as, which of our target segments’ creatives do they prefer? Are we devoting enough resources to that strategy? What is the performance status of the campaign? How does this product launch compare to prior ones?


With clean and trusted data, you know the insights can be reliable. Marketers can slice and dice the data freestyle using a custom dataset, filtered metrics, and drill-down dimensions to go deeper and uncover leading indicators and/or root causes.

Automated Scorecards
& Customizable Reports

Leadership and marketing decisions shouldn’t delay while waiting on performance reports. Marketing performance reporting and insights should be readily available for learning, planning and optimization.


Anatics empowers every member of your team with the competence to build dynamic reports and dashboards from scratch. Right out of the box, Anatics provides plug-and-play scorecards based on marketing performance best practices. Build tables, charts, analysis, funnels, key takeaways and more to make and share your own reports.


Anatics reporting tools are dynamic and simple to use, but we don’t just hand over access and walk away. Our Customer Success Team is available every step of the way to help your team design the right data structures and craft a powerful performance story.

Beyond a Platform for
Marketing Data Management

As a full-service partner in agile, data-based marketing, Anatics wants your team to make smart decisions that boost your Market ROI. We are also offering end-user training, ongoing education, case studies and best practices shared across white papers and on-site workshops. Software design and development are just supporting activities. We are in the business of driving confidence in your marketing operations and investments.

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