Solving Marketing Data
Problems from the Top, Down

Connect all your marketing and customer data sources into a complete and enriched single source of truth

The Single Source of Marketing Truth

Where people go, digital follows. As customer and marketing data grows more complex and ubiquitous, marketers, agencies and enterprises need better ways to connect, enrich and understand audience and performance data beyond the standard suite of analytics tools. AnaticsTM is design to drive confidence in your marketing spend and narrow down on leading indicators of growth across the various data and performance tracking complexities, which currently exist in your organization.
Revenue (ROMI) Performance Reporting

Focused on revenue attribution driven by marketing teams and investments. ROMI – return on marketing investment – is predominantly concerned with revenue growth and the shortening of sales cycles (Revenue Performance Management practices).

Ad Spend (ROAS) Optimization
A solution to ROAS – return on advertising spend – which challenges SMEs (small to mid-size businesses) with the efficiency and profitability in digital (an traditional) advertising spend. Similar to ROMI, however, ROAS practices are primarily focused on the optimization of ad campaigns to successfully accomplish advertising goals.
Omni-channel Performance Reporting
Omni-channel performance is defined as a multi-channel sales and marketing approach to providing both leads and customers with an integrated messaging and customer experience – it highly relays on content marketing strategies across the entire lead-to-customer journey. Additionally, Omni-channel marketing focuses on the customer experience journey from on-boarding services through to care and support .
Forecasting & Budget Planning

Challenges concerning the inevitable democratization of marketing data through self-serve extraction & analysis to ensure accuracy in budget planning, revenue forecasting and measuring actual gains.

Channel & Media Performance
A granular analysis into the performance efficiency and effectiveness of each marketing channel and media outlet (mediums). The ability to address channel vs. channel and measure optimal media source performance, with the advantage of monitoring and pivot marketing spend/budgets with accuracy and certainty.
Marketing Data Management
The problem concerning a plethora of sales and marketing data scattered across 10s or 100s of marketing tools and CRM applications

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