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April 12, 2022

When it comes to data management software, there’s a wide variety of solutions. Not every one of them will fit your needs, whether budgetary or functionality. That’s why you need to give the decision the weight and consideration it deserves. Anatics is one of the newest entries to the data management market, but it’s learned valuable lessons from those that came before. Anatics is innovative, cost-effective, and fully functional out of the box.

The key features that set Anatics apart from Fivetran are its unique data visualization features, the inclusion of predictive analytics, and the support of Anatics’ Customer Success Team. Here, we outline what Anatics can do for you with these three key features.

Get More from Your Data with Anatics’ Data Visualization

Anatics delivers data customization and data visualization at any scale. You can easily customize and manage your data through a simple and intuitive interface, which helps drive the complexity out of your decision-making process. Complete with an extensive visual library, Anatics allows its users to build their charts and data visualizations – right out of the box.

When visualizing your data, it must have a purpose. After all, visualization is only one step of a complex process. Visualizing your data is the easy part. The difficulties come in how you highlight and take note of turning points and trends within the data. Anatics supports sharing comments via the chart dialogue feature, allowing for collaboration on a chart-by-chart basis.

Prepare for What’s to Come with Predictive Analytics

With Anatics, you get hands-on interpretation, trend detection, analysis, and anomaly detection with our Customer Success Management Team. We can articulate the reasons behind decisions you might need to make by boiling down all of the data, seeing the trends, and making predictions and recommendations uniquely customized to you and your business goals.

A human-driven approach is at the heart of Anatics’ process. Augmented by automated data modelling tools, our predictive analytics are on an entirely different level from those provided by over-hyped AI-driven predictive analytics. Besides, AI-driven predictive analytics are slightly better than current dashboarding tools, relying on prior data and information.

The human element allows Anatics to incorporate an articulation of reasons why your data performs the way it does and how to expect it to perform in the future. Human-driven analytics means that you get accurate and reliable recommendations.

Get More With Anatics’ Customer Success Team

With Anatics, you get the full support of our Customer Success Team. Not a manager or engineer that’s there on a contractual basis (that may even cost extra on top of the cost of the software itself), but an entire team of customer support that’s there for you with any troubleshooting or issues that you might have.

Anatics is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible, working tirelessly to ensure that you can overcome any challenges you might face. Our Customer Success Team comes part-and-parcel with your package, working with you to provide a seamless set-up and address any issues that might arise – whether immediately or in the future. Additionally, if you need a custom integration, we can help build that for you.

At its core, Anatics strives to allow you to make the performance-centric and data-driven decisions that your business requires. It’s a cost-effective option available on the market, with tons of potential for customization and customer service.

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