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Marketing technology demands a new wave of talent. It prompts sudden demand for skills which often leaves a talent gap in the market. To you, this means opportunity. This makes you the wizards behind the curtains! Orchestrating strategies and tactics of complex campaigns across countless channels, closely monitoring performance, and wrangling unruly volumes of data, in search of insights to propel clients towards their goals. But even with tireless teams pulling, integrating and cleansing data across all channels, tools, and systems, and then artfully compiling reports, the feedback loop is too slow. When ad-hoc, and often timely, questions from clients inevitably come in, it seems like you’re consistently one step behind. 

Anatics automated marketing-data modeling and data management tools propel you through the most critical, but time-consuming steps preventing actionable insights. Data aggregation, ETL, storage and governance, taxonomy and normalization, cleansing, and validation are all automated, allowing you to focus on analysis, insights, and advising clients on how to maximize their investments. 

Leading agencies optimize better and faster with Anatics marketing-data management tools. 

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Marketing data management with anaticsTM

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Working with anaticsTM means…

Automated, Consistent, Out-of-Box Data Management

Marketing data is the messiest of all “big data,” and with data dispersed across multiple client accounts, agencies are the ones who feel the agony the most. Anatics adaptable data modeling automates the crucial processes in ensuring that good, clear data flows across the organization, saving up to 90% of manual data wrangling time. Anatics intelligently structures data on the way in, enforcing a consistent taxonomy, eliminating redundant data, and applying consistent business rules and definitions. Import data from over 400 sales and marketing sources. Hundreds of best-practices, out-of-box marketing indicators, metrics, KPIs, reports, and algorithms are pre-programmed.

Get Proactive with Clients; Streamline Performance Reporting

Anatics gives your team proactive insights and a complete understanding of your clients’ data. Once data is connected, mapped, and automatically flowing, your team gains continuous performance insights without frantically chasing down answers to client questions or keeping your clients waiting on post-campaign reports.
Check out what’s working (and what isn’t!) and make adjustments while your campaigns run uninterruptedly. Deliver customer reports more frequently—monthly, weekly, or even on an as-needed basis. Set up reports before the media goes live, then sit back and wait for the outcomes. For strong framing and context, add executive summaries, key takeaways, rich media, lessons learned, and more as trends emerge. By including competitive data, goals, targets, and other benchmarks, you may avoid the inevitable discussions about how to proceed.
With both you and your client viewing the full picture performance, you can focus on what to test, learn, and adjust next, instead of dealing with requests for more data.

Run A Data-driven Agency; Align Your Team with Innovative Data Management Tools

We know the challenge and what it takes to keep clients, your team, campaigns and resources all on the same page. Anatics offers team alignment and fast adoption using data permissions, collaboration tools, and preconfigured visualizations. Set up flexible, tailored permissions to let experts handle complex analytics problems, while the rest of the team has self-service access to data and reports to ask questions, get answers, and take-action on their own.
Take a closer look with our best-practice dashboards and automated scorecards, which provide more comprehensive visibility across any campaign, program or revenue performance and attribution models. Then, in just a few clicks, replicate, customize, and distribute reports.

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