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Imagine what a robust data and analytics
tool can do to take your digital marketing
campaign to the NEXT level.
The strength of digital marketing is in data. Without informed visibility into their marketing data, a digital marketer will not be able to identify their customers’ needs, cannot create tailor-made customer experiences, and waste marketing dollars in direction-less spending. It’s proven repeatedly that a solid data-backed digital campaign is far more likely to succeed than one without it.

Anatics gives digital marketers a superpower which they can use to transform raw data into actionable insights to make better marketing decisions. No matter the nature of a marketing – search engine optimization, social media optimization, paid ads, content marketing – Anatics empowers everyone, even non-technical users – to quickly crunch any amount of data and derive actual value from it.

Many Needs One Solution

Track user actions. Segment users based on their behaviors. Optimize funnel based on where it makes sense based on a buyer’s journey. Measure multi-channel marketing outcomes. Run A/B tests to see how changes affect your results and more.

Designed for
growth-seeking entites

If you are a digital marketing agency fully engaged in developing custom digital marketing campaigns for your clients, Anatics is for you! If you are an organization that understands the value of data and wants your key resources, including non-technical users, to access a powerful analytic tool.
In that case, Anatics is just the right choice too. Easy to set up and run, it comes with hundreds of integration facilities and support for multi-users.

Intuitive visual
One dashboard

Gather all your web analytics and custom data from social media and other platforms, make rules for drill down to specific results, gain total visibility into your sales funnel, access granular details about your spending, and fetch powerful reports in minutes.

Explore what a powerful
analytics tool can do for
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