anaticsTM powerful data transformation and marketing performance analysis modules empowers your marketing with confidence to grow. Select your subscription options, or contact our team and we would gladly get you started.
$add-on $add-on On-boarding Fees $add-on $add-on
$150,000 $250,000 AD Cost $250,000 $500,000
Limited Limited Connectors Unlimited Unlimited
10 25 Number of Connections Unlimited Unlimited
Type of Connection Acct
Organic Accounts
AD Accounts
🗙 CRM/Automations
🗙 🗙 Shopping Accounts
5* 5* Custom Connectors
Included Included Analytics Included Included
Data Analysis
Automated Marketing Funnels
Included Included Destinations Included Included
Excel Export
MySQL / PostgreSQL
Google Data Studio
🗙 🗙 Custom Data Warehouse 🗙
Limited Included Support Included Included
🗙 🗙 Phone
Start by Trial Start by Trial Start by Trial Start by Trial
* Limited to Organic & Ad-based Connectors - 5 Custom Connections per year

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