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Pricing plans start @ $500 per Month
$add-on $add-on On-boarding Fees $add-on $add-on
$150,000 $250,000 AD Cost $250,000 $500,000
Limited Limited Connectors Unlimited Unlimited
10 25 Number of Connections Unlimited Unlimited
Type of Connection Acct
Organic Accounts
AD Accounts
🗙 CRM/Automations
🗙 🗙 Shopping Accounts
5* 5* Custom Connectors
Included Included Analytics Included Included
Data Analysis
Automated Marketing Funnels
Included Included Destinations Included Included
Excel Export
MySQL / PostgreSQL
Google Data Studio
🗙 🗙 Custom Data Warehouse 🗙
Limited Included Support Included Included
🗙 🗙 Phone
Start by Trial Start by Trial Start by Trial Start by Trial
* Limited to Organic & Ad-based Connectors - 5 Custom Connections per year

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