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Data Management Consulting Services

Connect with our data consulting services team to manage and optimize your data better.

The Anatics Consulting Team (ACT) helps businesses establish and optimize customized data-driven marketing strategies by combining innovative marketing data management software with extensive industry knowledge. From strategic planning to implementing digital transformation projects, woffer a wide range of data management and analytics services. 



Data Management Consulting 

Data extraction and transformation are critical components of developing and implementing a successful data-driven strategy. With Anatics, you can locate, extract, and store all marketing data across multiple channels in one convenient platform, with just a few clicks. Anatics enables marketers to clean, map and transform data that matters easier and faster with no programming knowledge required, eliminating manual entry and errors.  



Analysis and Reporting 

We collaborate with you to fully understand your business objectives and to assist you in delving into data to extract strategic value and actionable insights. With Anatics, we create visualization and marketing analytics dashboards that clearly communicate results and monitor performance.  

Why Our Consulting Services Team...

Conversion Optimization

We assess and evaluate the customer journey of your business to identify what needs to be improved and how to optimize it most efficiently. Our full-service optimization programs are data-driven, resulting in clarity and increased lead and sales opportunities.

Customer Data Analytics

By interpreting sales data at a customer level, we identify your target audience and behavior patterns through actual existing customer data and competitor analysis. We leverage data insights to help investors make more informed decisions, deliver more targeted advertising, improve customer experiences, and generate ambitious revenue.

Revenue & Performance Attribution Modelling

We develop a multi-channel attribution modelling dashboard specific to your organization and business objectives. With Anatics, you can access a holistic view across online and offline campaigns to understand timely, mixed channel performance without compromising data quality. It's all about using data to make better decisions, track campaign success, and figure out which channels are effective, and which aren't.

Growth Tracking and Acceleration

At Anatics, our team helps companies assist businesses in managing work margins and adding data-driven rigour to their operations. We work to understand how the workflow is resonating during the digital transformation process so that marketing and analytics teams can focus on what they do best, maximizing business growth and ROMI.

Growth Tracking and Acceleration

  • Drive higher revenue
  • Improve ROMI
  • Reduce unnecessary cost
  • Increase marketing efficiency
  • Unlock the power of all your marketing data
  • Attract and retain qualified leads
  • Increase operational effectiveness
  • Gain long-lasting impact strategic capabilities
  • Optimize channel performance

Data Management Consulting Packages & Pricing

Monthly Retainer

Complementary first session

  • Weekly consulting sessions  
  • Monthly reports 
  • Ongoing strategy discussion and revision  
  • One-on-one customer support 
  • 1-user access to Anatics software  

Project-based Pricing

Complementary first session

  • On-demand meeting schedule  
  • Monthly reports  
  • Flexible project-based pricing  
  • One-on-one customer support 
  • 5-users access to Anatics software  

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